WAULT Member Network
is starting a
personal information
by giving control back
to authenticated people.


You've given control of your personal information to companies you expect to safely store and protect it.

But Facebook and Equifax news stories reveal your personal information is out of everyone's control. With the information you share in social media, combined with copies of social security cards, licenses, and other credentials, your personal information is sold or stolen, multiple times. No one knows how many fake identities are baked in to the system.

WAULT puts an end to that.

Patent Pending
People Authentication


Authenticate your ownership of the one certified digital copy of your personal records and instantly verify you still control them.

Start with the Introductory Membership On-line Digital Authentication. Or choose the Premium WAULT Membership to authenticate once, in person, through a WAULT Licensed ID Station. Both give you access to a groundbreaking technical process to protect ownership and verify control. 



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WAULT digitally certified documents carry a provenance with them, indicating who certified them. When members share with each other on the Network, the owner tracks everyone they've shared with and even has the control to unshare.

That's how WAULT verifies your documents (and your family’s) are used and authorized by you and only you. There is nothing else like it.

Portable as a Wallet, 
Safe as a Vault.

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WAULT mobile app makes it easy and secure to bring all your digitally certified documents with you.

Your personal information is secured by encryption on the distributed WAULT network in the cloud, but is easy to access by the WAULT Mobile app whenever, wherever you need it. Imagine: you'll never have to worry about forgetting a document.

The WAULT Mobile app is a secure way to electronically exchange documentation during a real estate transaction, to get your kids immunization records or even register them for little league.

When authenticated people control their personal information, everyone benefits:

  1. Authenticated WAULT Owner Members control their personal information by securely storing, privately sharing through the network, and tracking and revoking access.
  2. Enterprise Members issue certified documents with confidence  from an enterprise WAULT to the personal WAULT of authenticated owners.
  3. Third parties know who to trust instantly with the free verifier on the member network app and join to access authentic data and accelerate customer on-boarding.  

The WAULT network is a patent-pending distributed network in the cloud, protected by encryption, bank-grade security, and is HIPAA compliant, even when sharing electronically!





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No one knows how much fraud is baked into the system, but experts tell us this is a crisis. For example, to remove baked-in fake driver's licenses, the REAL ID Act was passed in 2005, requiring multiple proofs of identity just to renew your license. But just last year, the Equifax breach exposed all of those documents. 


In today's world of abundant fake information, the highest level of authentication is ownership. Owners are motivated to be accountable. When we give them the right to control their personal information, everyone benefits.

WAULT members are starting a revolution by giving control to the people who really own personal information. Trusted Institutions are sponsoring WAULT memberships.

Issuers may trust WAULT Members to protect and control their information. Third parties may instantly verify, unlocking new value by on-boarding customers more quickly and separating real data from fake. 

The highest level of WAULT owner authentication is in person, by partnering with trusted community institutions who already require multiple credentials and face to face identification.

WAULT Members have the opportunity to continue to raise their authentication level. The more digitally certified records from the source and self-certified credential attributes that link to them, the higher the authentication level as indicated by the WAULT Trust Score. WAULT only knows the source and number of records and links. We have no access to your personal information.

Download the app now, complete the first level of authentication and start digitally certifying your records so they are always accessible. Never be without a vital document again. Even after flood or fire.  


The Wymsical Team won first prize at an Israeli Fintech Hackathon by using the WAULT Member Network to privately connect to verify credentials for a mortgage application. Cloud partner Microsoft AZURE has provided development support and HIPAA compliant privacy and security validation. The authentication, storage, and verification processes are patent-pending. 


Wymsical designed the WAULT Member Network to bridge the past with the future, individuals and enterprises, to preempt the unintended consequences caused by lack of checks and balances on the public internet. We have joined the Working Groups of W3C and DIF to help set standards for the future to incorporate into the next open source generation of our platform.

We continue to improve the WAULT Member Network with partners. There are new models for this revolution. One is Self-Sovereign Identity which is the principle developed by our friends at the Sovrin Foundation. Another is the Community Identity model. Wymsical sees advantages in both. As discussed in the comment on the Wall Street Journal article, "Digital Identity is Broken. Here's a way to fix it." by Alex "Sandy" Pentland and Thomas Hardjono, we believe the solution is a hybrid. To disrupt imposters, the community needs to unite to authenticate, empower, and verify credentials are valid and in control of the owner since certified by the issuer. Not just once, but by maintaining a private "live" connection to instantly verify and authorize modifications in real time. 

Join the Revolution! 

We are a women-run company and a growing member community that values a future when trust is re-set. 

Liwen Yaacoby
Co-Founder & CEO
Wymsical, Inc