How to WAULT


Set up Quick login

1. Click on Member to access Log In page.

2. Type email & password & click on Sign In button. 

3. Open Menu


4. Click on Quick Login

5. Enter Pin Code Twice


Capture and Add a Document without a Scanner.

4. Click on Plus sign to add new document.

5. Upload from Camera

6. Click on plus sign to add pages.

7. Move pages by holding the organize icon.

8. When finished click on check icon.


Only Certified Files may be Saved.


9. Certify your document as genuine.

10. Edit the name of your file. You may assign it to a folder in the "Folder Path" above.

11. Add tags to help you find the file quickly

12. Save the changes you've made.


Sharing is Instant!


13. Select your document from your WAULT, then tap this icon to open the sharing menu.

14. Enter the email address of the recipient in this section.

Set an expiration date when the document will disappear from the recipient's WAULT. (You may "Unshare" later if you forget!)

Selecting "Require My Approval" will send a confirmation that the intended recipient received it.

Toggle "Proxy" to allow a trusted person to share this record with others.

Only check "Trust to Download"  when recipient is trusted, e.g., medical facility, University, or Library which are required by law to protect your privacy.


See the "Chain of Custody" for each File Shared to Maintain Control


15. After opening your file, you may verify everyone you have shared with. 

16. The "chain of custody" is saved and you may "Unshare" at any time.


Verify in a Flash