How to WAULT

Sign In

  1. Open the menu to sign in.

  2. If you're already logged in, add documents by clicking here.

  3. Sign in by clicking the icon located in the menu.


Log In




  1. Create a new document.

  2. Take picture of the page you want to upload to the Wault.

  3. Click the icon to add multiple pages to one document.

  4. Hold and drag the pages to order them.

  5. Finish uploading.

New Document


Upload from Camera


Organize the Pages


Certify and Finalize

  1. Certify your document as genuine.

  2. Edit the name of your document.

  3. Add tags to help organize your files within your WAULT.

  4. Save the changes you've made.


Certify Your Document


View and Share Your

  1. Select your document from your WAULT, then tap this icon to open the sharing menu.

  2. Enter the email address of your recipient in this section.
    • If you want to share with timed permissions, input an expiration date.
    • Selecting "Require My Approval" will alert the recipient that you've shared the document and but they will have to request permissions to view.
    • If you trust the recpient to do so, you can toggle "Trust to Download" to enable the permissions.



  1. After opening your file in the document viewer, you can verify that it is shared with the correct recipient.

  2. If you have shared your document in error, you can revoke access at anytime.