WAULT Members "Own It!"


Why do WAULT Members value their personal WAULT?

Members tell us many stories about . . .

Waiting in line at DMV or the Passport Agency. 

Then waiting in line at the airport only to find out their kids need birth certificates in addition to passports.

Searching for the deed and mortgage that proves that the house is yours - the one you paid your life-savings to buy and takes most of your weekly paycheck.

Making another trip to the Doctor's office to get the immunization record to prove you received the shots you've been required to get to go to school every year.

Spill coffee on the tax returns you need to submit today to qualify for a loan.

Call your mother to get your social security number because you shouldn't keep it in your wallet or dorm room . . . but, she's not home.

Try to borrow an e-book from your Library's electronic service in the middle of the night but your card is expired! Currently, you must go to the library with a proof of residency and your current driver's license because it is too risky to share it any other way.  

Learn that someone has used your identity to get credit, receive funds, and steal your FEMA benefits after a disaster.

WAULT Members enjoy . . .

  • peace of mind, from knowing where vital documents are;
  • privacy protection, even when sharing electronically;
  • control over who sees, stores, and uses your information;
  • instant trust to gain access to vital services; 
  • the freedom of having more time to devote to living than proving we are alive!

What will you do with your new found freedom?


Then tell us about your experience!