My daughter won’t have to call me for her social security number - She owns it now!
— WAULT intern Melissa's Mother

Happy WAULT Owners


It's so fast and simple to share!

— Jamie, university student

So much easier than faxing or mailing an immunization record to the school. And I know where it is when I need it next time!

— bob, a university Student

I wish we had known about this before.

— Sandra, a university administrator

Better than storing my passport in my dorm room desk drawer!

— Jack, a university student


And I thought I wasn't techy enough to do apps.

— Grace, a university student mother 

That was easy.

— Jerry, a university student 

I can get rid of those file folders? I've got one in a different color for each kid. Some with coffee stains on them!  

— Georgia, a university student mother.

My tax returns would probably be safer in WAULT than on my desktop, wouldn't they?

— frank, a university student father